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Kingdom Properties Residential Bldg 12 Cafe Aali Mall
Ahmed Mohd Jassim Factory Residential Bldg Abdul Rahim Sayed Various Private Villas
East Aluminium Residential Bldg Ahmed Sharif Furniture Orange Tower
Gulf Rubber Factory Residential Bldg Al Ghana Contracting 6 Villas @ Juffair
Mahmood Faqeeh Residential Bldg Al Nooh Al Nooh Residence
Ahmed Sharif Furniture Residential Bldg Amina Al Ansari 12 Villas@ Mahooz
Sh.Mohd Abdulla Hamad Al Khalifa Residential Bldg Awal Gulf Manufacturing Staff Accomadation
Waheed Abdul Ghaffar Residential Bldg Casper & Gambinis Restaurant @ Seef Mall
Adliya Furnishing Residential Bldg Ewan Bahrain Residential Bldg @ Riffa
Mohd Abdul Wahab Kooheji Residential Bldg Faisal Faqeeh 18 Villas @ Janabiya
Nass Group Residential Bldg Foli Chinese Restaurant Hidd Mall
Saleh Kameshki & Sons Residential Bldg H.H.E. Sh. Khalifa 22 Villas @ Jasra
Abdul Rehman Obedali Residential Bldg H.H.E. Sh. Khalifa 3 Storey Bldg & 8 Villas @ Riffa
H.H.E. Sh. Khalifa Residential Bldg H.H.E. Sh. Khalifa 3 Storey Bldg @ Zallaq
Kooheji Contractors Residential Bldg H.H.Sh.Mohd Al Khalifa 25 Villas @ Aali
Tariq Al Kooheji Residential Bldg Hamza 11 Flats
Al Kobasi Group Residential Bldg Holiday Villa Restaurant @ Hoora
Al Molaily Construction Residential Bldg Khalid Al Bhari 6 Flats @ Seef
Al Nooh Residential Bldg Kooheji Contractors Al Ayal Residential Bldg
Bader Ali Bader Residential Bldg Kooheji Contractors Qatar Embassy & Ambasedor Residency
Al Khubra Real Estate Residential Bldg Kooheji Contractors US Navy – Sh.Isa Air Base
Al Noor Architects Residential Bldg Kooheji Contractors US Navy – Sh.Isa Air Base
Tanger Construction Residential Bldg Mazen Tamimi 6 Villas @ galali
Youif Bin Ali Hamad Residential Bldg Ministry of Education Various Schools
Yateem Real Estate co Residential Bldg Ministry of Justice Diplomatic Area
Abdulla Ahmed Bin Ali Residential Bldg Palace Construction 18 Flats
Al Tattan Group Residential Bldg Sh.Mohd Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa Fawaz Garden
Sayed Hasan Al Ebrahim Residential Bldg The Closets 14 Villas @ Saar
Shka Muneera Bint Isa Al Khalifa Private Villa A.A. Nass Private Villa
Ahmed Sharif Furniture Private Villa Harbour 360 Bz Private Villa
Moosa Hammad Private Villa Abeer Akbari Private Villa
Hasan Abbas Private Villa Dr. Burno Private Villa
Hasan Basri Private villa Al Jasmi Holding Private Villa
Faisal Al Shater Private Villa Bin Faqeeh Real Estate Private Villa
Ali Al Taqawi Private Villa Nass Group Private Villa
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